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Come on, Gwyneth

I am a follower of Gwyneth Paltrow’s newsletter/site, Goop. Today at the top of her weekly update a post entitled “Yachts & Friends” caught my eye. Mainly because I too enjoy yachts and friends. Hers is a reference to a company that will provide sailing trips catered to your wishes. I say, who needs a company when you have your own yacht and friends?? Don’t quote me on the accuracy of this, but I think as of June 28th I am heir to one-fourth of a 45 foot beauty. And I’ve brought friends to sail on her on exactly 4 occasions. Our exploits can be viewed here:

Cupcakes & Sailing: A Difficult Yet Delightful Combination

Annual South Seas Pilgrimage


Fireside Chat

Thank you for joining our first ever fireside chat! Grab your favorite milkbone and rest your belly on the cool tile around the fireplace. Our special guest today is Aberdeen.

Question: Aberdeen, what is your favorite method of chewing sticks?

Answer: I love when my mom drags them along the side walk during a walk. Then I pounce the stick, walk with it for approximately 5 puppy steps and the flop my body on the side walk to gnaw away. On special days mom will hold the stick while I chew and walk. 

Eva: That is lovely. Next topic - peanut butter. On a scale of 99 to 100 how much do you love peanut butter?

Aberdeen: 1200%. I have some every morning in my kong while mom gets ready for work. I flip out  and nothing can distract me from getting any and all peanut butter. 

Eva: I couldn’t agree more. Do you wear hats?

Aberdeen: So far hats are a no go in my life. Dad does not approve of them. 

Eva: GOOD. I hate hats. My mom sometimes puts one that assembles a root vegetable on my head and I get VERY sad. Dainty paw or normal?

Aberdeen: Always dainty paw. As if there was ever another choice. PS today mom took me took the vet. They jabbed me twice with something and I was not a fan. I also got a manicure. They fed me lots of treats but I was very confused.

Eva: I know the vet IS very confusing. They usually make you stand on a magical hovercraft then decide if you get more treats or less. It’s too stressful! Once I had to wear the cone of shame, but usually they just put stuff up my nose.

Until next time! P.S. don’t tell human Abbe I stole her computer.

- Eva Longoria Yale-Spaans -


Eva and I have been SUPER stressed lately. I’ve been waking up early running through presentations and thoughts of things to follow up on swimming through my head. My lower back and shoulders feel tight. Eva has way too many stuffed animals and tennis balls to keep track of.

Instead of succumbing to our normal vices (pastries and online shopping) we’ve been religious in our daily morning yoga practices. How do you have time for that, what with all of the presentations and evasaurus hunting - you might ask? I will share a story a yoga instructor once told me. Who says a yoga practice is 60 minutes? Or 90? Yoga can be anything - 1 sun salutation or bringing focus to your breath while chopping carrots.

Eva and I fall somewhere in the middle. Our preference is 20 to 30 minutes of stretching, breathing, and moving as the sun rises so that once it’s light out we’re ready for Eva’s morning walk. With that, I share some of my recent favorites from my personal trainer, YogaGlo:

Curvy Flow with Andrea Ippoliti

Change Your Entire Day with Stephanie Snyder

Warming Flow for Energy with Stephanie Snyder

I can happily say for the past few weeks since returning from Spain I’m down from 3 daily desserts (after lunch, after work, after dinner) to 1.5 (mostly just 1 of those, but who am I kidding sometimes more). And Eva’s been munching on a lot of teeth cleaning bones. Those are like veggies for pups, right?

A bientot!

Ode To Mindy Kaling

Dear Mindy: You are my role model and I love you. You’re damn smart and super successful and on TV portray a bit of a spaz and are obsessed with pastries and rock colorful party outfits around the clock and I respect all of that. I want to be you when I grow up. So, when I heard you were speaking at Connections, the annual conference hosted by MY company (I’m a Product Manager) where I’m ALSO speaking (!!), I was like OMG OMG OMG! 

I may have hollered at you on twitter.

I also may have called you out on instagram.

And I totally asked my boss about getting an in and he hooked me up with our event coordinator who I groveled to and said I’d clean your bathroom but he told me the job’s taken.

So, I am making one final plea to meet you when you’re in Indianapolis. Maybe we can grab breakfast? I think you’d go bananas for the brioche stuffed with ricotta cinnamon french toast at Cafe Patachou

Your BFF you don’t know,

Abbe. Also known as The Frosted Yogi (I blog about cupcakes! And yoga!)

P.S. If you do read this please don’t get me fired. I just thought you might appreciate the extreme over enthusiastic, borderline stalker approach.

Assorted Musings

Why, hello there!

Assorted ramblings for you on this fine Friday. First off, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest Abbe on the block:

Aberdeen, or Abbe for short, or Plaid as Jared calls her (because he thinks Aberdeen is a type of plaid) is the newest and furriest addition to our friends Ali and Dave’s family. You may recognize their names from such adventures as wedding yoga hike, that time our friends got married, and swims with manatees. Welcome Abbe - I am honored to share your name!

In other news, Jared and I went to Holland and Spain last week. I did no yoga and ate no cupcakes (Europeans don’t do that) but I did purchase lots of stroopwaffels and kanjers and proceeded to eat 2/3 of them on the flight home. 

Let’s take a look at some highlights! Our favorite trendy bike and coffee shop, Lola’s, in The Hague:

The cup my green juice came in in Amsterdam

The beautiful happy married couple in Avila

And because I know you’re all like “What about EVA??” of course she was featured in Amp and Manuel’s tree of memories

The Frosted Yogi turned 4 today!

The Frosted Yogi turned 4 today!


#spaansing: the act of becoming a Spaans

As an old married lady with a brand spanking new name I believe this process doesn’t end with a trip to Social Security Administration or the DMV. Oh no, if one wants to TRULY embrace her new name she must equip herself with a treasure trove of dainty accessories to remind herself at every turn that she is in fact a new person. Case and point: in a presentation last week all I had to do was introduce myself. And what did I do? I said the wrong name. This week, with my power necklace in place, I succeeded in introducing myself and immediately received a high-five from my co-worker. 

My tools for success in my modified existence as a Spaans:

Nameplate necklace - advertised in a dainty fashion. Also because I received this bracelet for Christmas with my former name.

Sequins - I figured the Spaans name could use a bit more bedazzling. 

Doo dahs holder - who doesn’t want a new clutch?

And most importantly, a passport holder - because the world is mine to explore

Will bake for fine stationary

You all know I’m obsessed with written correspondence. Sending and receiving letters is one of my favorite pastimes and anything involving calligraphy/gold foil/washi tape earns extra marks. I’ve been oggling typewriters for decades and was elated to receive this vintage valentine from Jared as a wedding gift:

I digress. Today’s tale is one of the most fabulous things I have ever received in the mail. One of my best friends, Amparo, is getting married this August. Her wedding invitation was on the most sumptuously textured paper I have ever felt. The envelope was lined with pebbled gold paper. There was a Spanish trifold card and English translation. Jared and I stopped everything to sit down and read both. But the crowning beauty was a hand-drawn map of the walled city of Avila where the wedding will take place. Amp included a simple request for an e-mailed RSVP but I said oh no that will not do for such a beautiful piece of art. Instead, I put on my apron, pulled out the standmixer, and got to work. 

I think homemade Tollhouse cookies say “OMG OF COURSE WE WILL BE THERE!!” don’t you?

Yoga Pagoda, Hana

Not to be confused with Yoga Pagoda on the Monon - my future open air yoga studio on our extra lot and (conveniently) the Monon Trail. No, this yoga pagoda actually exists. It stands above an infinity pool overlooking the ocean at Travaasa in Hana, the remote town at the end of Maui accessed only by the Road to Hana, a road with approximately 620 curves, 59 bridges, and about 1.5 lanes for 2 directions of traffic. I did my morning vinyasa while Jared hippopotamused* in the pool.

(*) hippopotamused - the act of being like a hippopotamus in a swimming pool, floating with just your eyes and nose just barely above the surface. Most frequently used to watch girls do yoga around said pool.

Wedding Yoga

Dearest friends,

Update your address books because I am now a Spaans! That’s right, on June 28th the fabulous Simma R. asked Jared and I if we wanted to get married and we both said “I do!” 


Photo credit: Sparkle Photography

I know the question burning in your mind - “Was there yoga??” Let’s rewind a few hours, shall we? Thanks to the amazing Julia of Park City Yoga Adventures Jared, myself, and our closest friends and family members spent the glorious sun shiney morning of our wedding day hiking a mountain and vinyasa-ing poolside. Also shout out to Dave R., the best friend/traveling photographer/general outdoorsman a couple could ask for. Some highlights:


Photo credits: David Railsback Photography (as all of my professional yoga photoshoots are)

And duh, later on that night we ate a glorious 2-tiered wonder of dulce de leche and carrot cake. I guess we hadn’t really discussed the cutting of the cake and Jared didn’t quite grasp that he was supposed to let me feed it to him and that he was then supposed to feed me. Due to this general confusion, these will forever be our memories:

Abbe: “Eat the cake, damnit!” Jared: “NoOo!”

** True love **