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After a whirlwind European and East Coast tour last week my system is craving a detox.

For my body - this morning I tried out Claire Missingham’s Twisting Class for Detoxification on YogaGlo. It was pure delight. I find that level 1/2 works really well for me in the mornings when I’m still a bit sluggish and tight. 5-10 minutes into class my spine felt warm and there were ample opportunities to play with some more advanced asanas - like going into side crow from side crow prep or tripod headstand from prasareetha. 

For my skin - while in NY 2 weeks ago the lovely ladies of Space NK shared with me some simple yet life changing advice. You should very gently cleanse your skin in the morning to remove everything you’ve been smooshing into your pillow case (that you haven’t changed in 2 weeks) for the last 8 hours. Then in the evening when your face is all grimy from the day you should both remove your makeup and exfoliate. Cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating are the key to a clear and bright complexion.

They introduced me to Indie Lee’s Brightening Cleanser which smells like Strawberry jam and I ADORE. I’ve been obsessed with coconut oil for the past year or so and swear by it as a makeup removed that won’t dry out your skin. Whole Foods has a pretty large selection, just stick to something that’s extra virgin and cold-pressed. Continuing the theme of only putting things on my face that I would eat, I use the Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser. It smells like Thailand (i.e. lemon verbena) and is made of sugar. Shout out to Birchbox for sending that one my way a few months ago.  

For my soul - The Mindy Project has FINALLY returned after a 70 year (give or take) hiatus and is as amazing as ever. 

Happy almost weekend my readers!

- The Frosted Yogi

Little Miss Stroopwaffel

It has been a life long dream of mine to eat a fresh stroopwaffel. I had been to Holland (the country, not Michigan, which people in Indy have gotten rather confused by) multiple times. I had heard tales of carts lined up in the town square or by the market selling freshly pressed, syruped, and sandwiched treats but never witnessed them.

Last week Jared and I flew to Holland (the country) for a sad occasion. We were there for 3 days and I said the 1 request I had was to get a fresh stroopwaffel. Everyone agreed - easy! We know exactly where they’re stationed. We looked on Wednesday - no. Thursday - maybe it’s too early. Friday - I swear he’s always here!

Unlike the great crepe debaucle of 2009 in Paris I didn’t cry. I held my head high and said I’ll just have to come back. We packed our bags Saturday morning and headed out to the train station when what did I spy? A stroopwaffel stand!! Turns out they’re only there on the weekends - silly me.

For the first time in my life I was able to eat a fresh stroopwaffel and it was glorious. Ooey gooey syrup, extra speculoos-flavored cookie, and it was about 2x as large as the supermarket variety.

If you aren’t fortunate to fly to Holland for the weekend a friend recently sent this my way. Enjoy!

Relaxation Time

And now for my latest and greatest homeopathic remedy:

Do you have very dark under eye circles regardless of how much you sleep, how hydrated you are, and how much you spend on eye cream? Because I do. I’m not a very sensitive sleeper but don’t love to fall asleep with the lights on while Jared finishes his video games before bedtime. I had been using just your average silk eye mask to block the light but when a visiting puppy got a hold of it and left a small brown smudge behind I thought it was time to upgrade.

I had been eyeing this baby for some time and decided to go for it - the Binchotan Eye Mask. Morihata, the producer, says the charcoal in the mask will ”help to relieve fatigue by easing pressure on the optic nerve and helping promote blood circulation to the area.” I will say after just 1 night of use I am hooked! I woke up sinus-pressure free and with ever-so-slightly less dark under-eyes.


Well my dear friends, I have done it again! I have let my role as Chief Yoga and Cupcake Aficionado slide. I will not make excuses, but I will try harder going forward!

In yoga news, thanks to my bff Simma’s recommendation I have tried out YogaGlo and FALLEN IN LOVE. It’s amazing. It’s exactly what I need whenever I need it. 6:12am vinyasa flow? Check. 7:09pm 20 min relaxation? Yep. It solves the problem of having to mix your yoga wishes with a local studio’s schedule. I’ve taken 8 classes in the past 2 weeks and so far my favorite discovery is instructor Kathryn Budig. She’s got a fast pace, great voice, and creative flows. I highly recommend her 60-minute Playful Salutations and 30-minute Dancy Flow. I also encourage all yogis try out their FREE 2-week trial!

As for cupcakes, I still have yet to try these crazy amazing batter spoons that perfectly measure how much batter you need for the desired cupcake size. I have baked some apple crumble. And I have designated my friend Romy the role of Executive Cake taster - she’s traveling to Park City this weekend and will taste all the cake flavors at Deer Valley for me. Fingers crossed for triple lemon and carrot cake!!

Eva has been very busy as well. Here she is celebrating her 3rd birthday:

Hamming it up with Dad:

And napping:

Big News


Two of these crazy kids are getting married :) Our first photo - Simma’s birthday 2005.


…how did I go over THREE MONTHS without saying anything?? Rest assured, my life has been filled with cupcakes and yoga galore. Some photographic evidence:

Here I am doing yoga at Tranquil Space in DC before Samantha’s wedding

And enjoying some monkey bread while in Baltimore for a wedding

Oh look, Eva bought a house!

I baked 2-dozen funfetti cupcakes for a work shindig awhile back

And then I enjoyed Thanksgiving in my new home

In other news, I’m teaching a free class at Lululemon this weekend - if you’re in or near Indy come play!!

Happy 3!

My readers, today is the belated celebration of August 4th, my beloved Frosted Yogi’s 3rd birthday!! As a special treat I’m offering each of my readers a free cupcake the next time we meet. Just mention the code “MUFFINS55” (Carlos, if you’re reading, this one’s for you).

To recognize this grand achievement Jared and I had a very romantic date night celebrating everything I/we enjoy. This started at the Cerulean. As first appetizer we shared the duck pastrami, which literally were mini sandwiches ON MACAROONS. Baller.

We ate a lot of other yummy food then came dessert. We shared the spiced chocolate ganache, the most bizarre dessert I’ve ever eaten. It was avocado-lime ice cream with what looked like chocolate mousse lipstick chunks on a bed of count chocula cookie crisp with spears of chocolate curls.

From there we headed to the IMA for the summer nights showing of "The Big Sleep". This movie was WAY raunchy for something made in 1946 and positively delightful. 

I know you’re wondering. Of course we brought stroopwaffels to the movie, fresh from last weekend’s delivery.

Joyeux Fete Nationale

Bonjour mes amis! Demain est le qautorze juillet, ou en anglais, Bastille Day! Pour célébrer, j’ai acheté des croissants and des macarons de la meilleur boulangerie dans Indianapolis, Rene’s. Alors, trouves le plus proche bar de champagne ou discothèque et vive la France!

Comme une vrai française, Eva préfère beurre et fromage.

My New Bike

Many a post have been devoted to my dear cupcakecycle, Linus. He is a dear old friend acquired at Adeline Adeline in New York, rode all over the city, then shipped to Indy. He will continue to serve as my trusty steed for trips to brunch, farmers market excursions, and picnics the world over. But, as of Tuesday, Linus has a new brother! Treky was designed in Wisconsin, born at The Bike Line in Broad Ripple, and welcomed to his new home around 7pm. I managed to take him for a quick race around the block before it started pouring (again) then tucked him in for the night with the rest of the Yale-Spaans bicyclette family (5!). I can’t wait to ride up and down the Monon and through the hills of southern Indiana.


Workout Face

Since joining Birchbox over a year ago I’ve become somewhat of a skincare junky. I take my cleansing, moisturizing, and mask-ifying very seriously. Below is my carefully crafted pre- and post-workout regime:

I wear pretty minimal makeup day to day but regardless it is of absolute necessity to remove any of that before sweating. My favorite is Bioderma Sensibio H20 which I discovered at an Italian pharmacy while in Turin in May. It’s insanely effective without drying out my skin. 

If I’m running or doing yoga outside and it’s between 9am and 4pm I require sunblock. See this post for my detailed recommendations.

After a particularly sweaty yoga session I make sure to clean off my mat with Jo-Sha wipes.

Post workout I have gona absolutely CRAZY for Tatcha, particularly their Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder. It’s a mini chemical experiment each time - combine the powder with water and it starts to foam. I rub on my face for about 15 seconds and after a quick rinse my skin is perfectly smooth. 

I’ve got pretty dry, sensitive skin so whenever I wash my face I need to moisturize. I’ve also decided I don’t like the texture of moisturizer so I stick to serum. After sampling a few I’m going back to Joanna Vargas Daily Serum as my favorite. It smells great, is super potent so I use less, and makes my skin feel oh so soft. 

I read a lot about overnight Asian skin masks and got pretty hooked. Based on cost, reviews, and bottle size I’ve gone with the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I use this at least twice a week, more frequently when I’m out in the sun or traveling on a plane. Finally, every 2 weeks or so I splurge for some relaxing spa time (and terrify Jared) by throwing on a Karuna mask - my favorites are the hydrating and brightening ones.

And that, dear friends, is my key to a glowing complexion regardless of what sweat/stress/travel comes my way.